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33 Pictures Taken At The Right Moment 

We are huge fans of perfectly timed photos that capture perfect (and usually funny or unexpected) moments that come and go with a blink of the eye. The internet is abound with images shared by people who have captured images at just the right moment or from just the right perspective, so we wanted to share some more of them with you.

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Here’s your first look at the complete artwork set for the 2014 Halloween season Monster Cereal retro & modern boxes from General Mills, including cut-out masks and new art from DC Comics artists!

Click here for more details on the 2014 Monster Cereals!

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sex tip


the moment he pushes all the way in, look him directly in the eye, lock your legs around him, and in your deepest voice whisper “we are groot

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I wonder if I ever caught someones attention. Even if I was just walking among the crowd, I wonder if they wanted to get to know me or anything like that.

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don’t hold a glass over the flame, don’t let your heart grow cold

i will call you by name, i will share your road…

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